Aug.1947Minoura Pharmacy was established
Mar.1957Kansai Catalyst Co.,Ltd. was established at
18,Minamishimizu-cho 3-Chome,Sakai City
May.1960Head office and Sakai plant moved to larger premises
at 3-13,Kashiwagi-cho 1-chome,Sakai City
Nov.1964The export of catalyst and catalyst technology commenced
in accordance with the Japan-U.S.S.R. Export Agreement.
Apr.1965No.2 plant commissioned at 1-37,
Hamadera Ishizu-cho 1-Chome,Sakai City
Aug.1965Tabuse plant established at 3440 Ogo,Oaza,Tabuse-cho,
Kumage-gun,Yamaguchi Prefecture
Nov.1972Tokyo business office was established at 8-10,
Matsubara 6-chome,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo.
Jun.1974Treatment plant for cadmium batteries was erected in order to
combat pollution and recycle natural resources.
Apr.1979Tokyo business office was moved to the Ebisu Building at 2-11,
Nihonbashi Honcho 4-chome,Chuo-ku,Tokyo.
Apr.1983New head office building was erected to house the head office
at 3-13,Kashiwagi-cho 1-chome,Sakai City.
Apr.1983New Gifu plant was established at 4023 Umedaira,
Kasahara-cho,Toki-gun,Gifu Prefecture
Oct.1986Central Research Institute was entablished
Aug.1994New waste water treatment plant was
established at the Yamaguchi plant.
Dec.1995Number of 3rd-party distributed shares
increased to total of 25,000 shares

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