Since 1947, when the Kansai Catalyst Company was established, we have been actively engaged in the production of catalysts and special reagents which require high levels of quality and purity, using technology developed by the company.
Currently we are continuing to develop and expand our areas of business as a distinctive and stable supplier of products such as activated materials, catalysts, magnetic materials and other nonorganic chemicals for the electrical, textile, petroleum, ceramic and cosmetic industries and other related industries.
We look forward to continued guidance and support in our endeavors from all of our customers both old and new.
The social and economic fabric of Japan have undergone massive changes in recent years. Our current social structure and standard and standard of living fill us with admiration and wonder. However, the future holds a myriad of new challenges for all of us. The industrial chemicals industry will continue to undergo rapid change. Our company has a unique perspective built on its past research efforts to innovate and improve by developing newer products of greater usefulness. Our basic business philosophy will continue to include treating our employees, customers, and the environment with respect. It is our basic and earnest desire to make a contribution to society through our products.
We look forward to working with you to realize these dreams.

Yoshiki Minoura :President

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