A powder which has special characteristic
can be made by making fine powder.

   By using a fine powder, a characteristic can be found in the physical character such as specific surface area, surface roughness, chemical character, optical character and magnetic character.

   There are the articles as an application example of fine powder.
   The coloring ability which is the main character of the pigment is improved.
   Sintering of fine-ceramics is thought theoretically more desirable by using a small particle as raw material, because it is inversely proportional to the grain diameter. By the improvement of sintering performance, the productivity can be improved due to the reduction of sintering temperature, and high function can be achieved in the fields of the electronic material and machine material such as IC circuit board, sensor, engine and so on.
   Catalyst activation is improved as much as the specific surface area of the activated element is increaced. If a particle's diameter is smaller, the number of activated sites per weight increases and the amount of catalyst used can be reduced.

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