Spherical Nickel Hydroxide is our main product.
It is very useful as a positive active material in alkaline batteries.

1. Photograph of Spherical Powder

   We can manufacturer high density spherical Nickel Hydroxide as shown at the right.
   In contrast, Nickel Hydroxide manufactured by traditional methods, shown at lower right, has innumerable cristal nuclei that are of variable shape and are porous; a battery using it as its active material has a lower energy density.
   Manufacturing spherical Nickel Hydroxide is different than by traditional methods. Crystal growth is controlled by adding a special reagent to the reaction site, resulting in a smaller micropore volume and a spherical particle. By controlling the precipitation reaction precisely, we can yield a particle that has an optimal grain diameter, surface area, crystallinity, packing density, etc.
2.Packing Ability

   As shown in the figure to the left, packing density is significantly higher when spherical particle are used as opposed to traditionally manufactured particles. Spherical powder is rich in filling ability and fluidity. It is easier to handle, with higher performances in various inorganic compounds.

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